Love Means... No Boundaries

Love Means... No Boundaries - Andrew  Grey I'm always hesitant to try a new contemporary author. My heart lies in the SFF world, it's not big secret. Not to mention I had the bad grace to pick up the third in a series. Go ahead. Get the ruler. I'll sit still for the knuckle smacking.

However... (show of hands - who knew that was coming?)

This is the third in Andrew's Farm series but it's not necessary to have read the previous two. Would be nice to know what happened previously but not at all vital to enjoying Robbie and Joey's story. It's very tightly focused on the two of them, on their insecurities (Robbie's blind, Joey feels he's too hideously scarred from an accident to face other people) their doubts and their dreams.

There's no magic of any kind, no violence, no abuse, no kidnappings, no extortion. And yet, I really liked this book. It's sweet, but not in an "aw, gee, how cute" kind of way. It's more...triumphant in its quiet, gentle treatment of what appears to be a doomed romance. The writing flows well and if some of the characters seem a bit too mice, well, one can hope that there really are kind, patient, understanding people left in the world.