Sin Undone (Demonica, Book 5)

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione Extremely torn about this book. And, really, I know it's personal and that Ms. Ione won't pay any mind to what I think. Which is fine. A writer needs to stay true to the vision.

I love the world building in the Demonica books - if I were reviewing on that alone, I'd give the whole series a 5+ - an 11 out of 5. The author has created such a complete and wonderful demon subculture, or more accurately sub-cultures, each species having their own peculiarities of interaction and social structure. The politics, the family issues, the unique biological issues are all detailed in loving fashion. Marvelous.

Even the perpetual Alphas in every book - and there really has been no variety, these are uber Alphas to the last - are appealing, each in his own way. They all have their own histories, their own issues and, forgive me, inner demons. So a 5 on the characterization.

I even enjoyed this story more than the ones for Wraith and Lore. It's more personal, less global, more focused on one main thread with several tendrils rather than the disparate pieces we had in the previous two. Solid 4 for a fast-paced, exciting plot.

So what the heck's my problem? It's something that's been bothering me since the first Demonica book. The word 'gay' is only used in disparaging terms. Males, even brothers, showing affection are taunted with the comment. OK. It fits the characters saying it at the time, so I let it go. But in this this book you have the first interactions sexually between males. None of the main characters, heaven forbid, or even minor ones but mentioned in the background. We are told that most vampires will sleep with anything, (therefore indiscriminate in their partners) although our hero (partly vamp) most certainly would not. Then we are shown that adolescent werewolves will screw each other in lust and violent driven frenzy. It's not that they truly want a male at that age, they simply need something to take the edge off. So - in this world homosexuality is a choice born of desperation, immaturity, or indiscriminate behavior.

Oh, yes, this bothered me. And I can't get past it. If there had been a gay character, somewhere, in all five books, a real one, I could overlook the rest. But there wasn't. And I can't. And it's soured what should be a truly fun read for someone who loves the paranormal/urban fantasy realm.