Cryoburn (Vorkosigan Saga)

Cryoburn - Lois McMaster Bujold OK, it was Miles, darn it, MILES. So, naturally, I did enjoy the story and the writing is marvelous, as always. (Oh, come on, how can you beat that first line Angels were falling all over the place.)

It's a dry, ironic little mystery-esque thriller with barely veiled digs at modern corporations, the inequities of the health care system, corrupt government and incompetent, sound bite media. All well done, and I did find myself chuckling at certain points. As socially-conscious SF, it's quite good. As a story on a personal level, from the perspective of characters we know and love, it keeps the reader at arms' length.

And the ending...oh,Lois, I'm not sure I can forgive you for the end. I suppose it had to happen someday, but what a dreadful way to do it. You couldn't have let us see him one last time? *sigh* The vignettes at the end were excellent, but I felt as if we were being thrown out of the house, so to speak, too soon. We haven't seen enough of Aral in the last few books...and now he's gone.