Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You - Ethan Day This was a lot of fun, in several veins. The first is the story itself, in the tradition of old Hollywood comedies (though I never saw one with a gay couple, more's the pity.) Plenty of awkward moments and physical comedy, lots of good repartee between characters, and an improbable conflict involving a man who doesn't exist outside of Aden's head. Second is the quirky characters - Aden with his karma points and his inability to find a mean bone in his body, his harridan friend Finn, and even Logan, whose view of life as intrinsically funny is contagious. Third is the growth of the writer himself. This isn't my first Ethan Day, but I started much farther on in his lexicon and find it marvelous to see the difference in how he handles pacing and structure.

There are some issues with this story, partly in the back and forth narrative (I don't need a linear plot, but it didn't seem to be necessary dramatically) and partly in the odd disintegration of Aden's character towards the end. While it was successful from a comedic standpoint, I found it hard to swallow that he would actually go through with, as far as it goes, his bizarre pursuit at the end of the story. Honestly, I wanted to slap him, and it just didn't feel like him suddenly, as if someone else had taken possession of the character.

All that said - I loved the premise and did enjoy the story. I smiled a lot and snickered a bit, too. A read recommended for one of those days that leaves you feeling like you've been run over by a road paver. Without a doubt, a good pick-my-up.