The White Road (Nightrunner)

The White Road - Lynn Flewelling Closer to a 3.5 - I need to start by saying I adore Lynn's books. Her writing is lush, her world-building meaty enough for the most jaded fantasy reader to sink fangs into, and her characters are marvelous. I've followed Alec and Seregil from the beginning, and will continue to do so.

The writing remains wonderful - the scenery, the details, the dialogue - but I was left a little flat this time. The story as a whole wasn't quite as satisfying as the previous ones and I had the odd feeling I was being hurried along so we could get to the next one. We'll see certain characters again, good and bad, I have no doubt, and several issues are still lying about on the table that will need to be picked up later. The feeling of truly being there, in the character's head, was missing here at times. Seregil almost keeps us at arms' length, even when we're in his head, and the resolution just seemed a tad too convenient for him. I had the feeling that, once again, Alec has to submerge his life and his needs for Seregil's. I do wonder if he won't resent that as he gets older...

It is, however, an exciting read. Lots of action, lots of interesting cultural bits, lots of new revelations. Definitely worth the time it took to read, and I will admit I blazed through it, glued to the pages. I hope our boys have a bit more time for each other and for some real scheming next time.