All She Wrote: Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2

All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon While I wasn't entirely pleased with the first H & M book, it serves as vital groundwork for this second one.

Kit, while he hasn't undergone any revolution in character, is trying. He's trying to put his life back together, he's trying to make sense of things and think of others, and, in this story, he's trying to help an old friend. His motives are a little murky but that's all right with me - he's trying. And the little expenditure of effort goes a long way to make Kit not only a more palatable hero but even an endearing one.

While there are some amusing asides and even somewhat funny moments, this is a dark piece, full of tragic events, dark intent, and misinterpretation of character. All around. J.X,'s instincts about people are better than Kit's, but I think even he couldn't predict the endgame here.

I found myself much more drawn into the mystery in this one and into the continued delicate growth of Kit and J.X.'s prickly relationship.

Darn it, Josh - you kind of left us hanging a bit here. And I need the next one.