A Troubled Range

A Troubled Range - Andrew  Grey I don't ever want to hear, ever again, that male romance writers can't write emotional stories. Andrew's stories, every one of them, packs an emotional punch, sometimes several of them, and A Troubled Range is no exception.

While the troubled father-son relationship is a familiar theme in his books, this one takes it to a completely different level. My first reaction to what happens to the father was, oh, that's a little too convenient, but it's only the beginning. Nothing comes easily for Haven, poor thing.

My only nits in the story are ones where my editor's hat got in the way, the overuse of passives, the sometimes unnecessary cliched phrases, the adverbs that could have used rephrasing. But these are minor against the backdrop of the story, and I found myself seriously pulled out of the story only twice. Once when Wally said something was "killing two birds with one stone" which just didn't sound right coming from Wally, and the issue of the lion purring. Er, lions don't purr. They don't have the right anatomy. Other pleased sounds, yes, but not purring as a house cat would.

Lovely to see Phillip again and to see his character grow. And, of course, lovely to see everyone from the last Range book again. Haven, I'll warn you, is a heart stealer, just the right mix of strength and vulnerability, a young man just growing into his skin and understanding who he really is.

(And, yes, I did tear up, but I won't tell you when. You'll just have to read for yourself.)