A Dangerous Thing

A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon I've made my way through all the Adrien (that's Adrien with an e) novels and have to say this remains at the top of the list for several reasons.

First, there's a darn good mystery here - a murder that seems to have a simple explanation slowly evolves into something much more complex. Stir in hostile local law enforcement, a great cast of secondary characters with their own agendas, our man Jake riding to the rescue, and Adrien refusing to listen to his good advice, and you have the perfect recipe for a mystery worth chewing over. Some folks might claim to have had it all figured out, but I sure as heck didn't. The answer stayed tantalizingly out of reach until the dramatic climax.

Second, the interaction between our two heroes expands into something nearing an actual relationship. We see Jake as himself rather than the man behind the fortress he's built for himself. Away from the city, more relaxed and open, he shows a practical side and even a tender, playful side we wish would last. Despite the murders and the physical danger, there's a hopeful quality to the story, a feeling that, somehow, our boys will figure things out and everything will be fine.

Then there are the glimpses into Adrien himself, his childhood, his family, and his growing feelings for Jake. He's the terrier to Jake's mastiff, always wanting to hare off after the next quarry, energetic and tenacious in his search for the truth. He can't walk away from these mysteries because once he has the end of the thread, he feels responsible. I love him for that, even if it drives Jake nuts.

A completely satisfying, fast-paced read, for mystery and suspense buffs alike.