Infected: Lesser Evils

Lesser Evils - Andrea Speed This is one of those times when I wish GR allowed you to review a series as a whole rather than book by book. While not always perfect, this has been an incredible ride, being able to read Roan's story in a few weeks time up to now (yes, I was behind, what else is new?)

Before I go any farther, though, I need to say something about this story, Lesser Evils:



Okay. I feel better now. While I understand by now the episodic nature of this series, this one felt less focused, less tightly plotted than the previous outings (which were often complex but I never got the feeling of being scrambled.) And to leave us where it did? I may just join Roan and lion out a bit. Though with my luck, I'd end up a serval or a Norwegian Forest cat or something really not threatening.

That said - it doesn't mean I won't keep reading. I will. Roan and Dylan and all of their cronies have my attention. I adore them. Andrea manages to create such a diverse cast of odd-ball characters, all unique, all very much themselves, most of them damaged in one way or another, from Holden the hooker-vigilante, to Tank the I'm-crazy-deal-with-it goalie, right down to minor characters like Seb. For the most part, the dialogue is cracking good, the little hints at things below the surface well done, the locales portrayed with a painter's eye.

(Speaking of locales...I was momentarily excited when Delaware got a mention but then rather disappointed, as I have been with other mentions, that it was basically a throwaway locale. Somewhere Not West Coast. Milford was an odd choice. Especially to place an insurance company. *shrug*)

If I didn't love the characters so much, I wouldn't care where the story left off. But I do. And I care. Dang it.