In and Out (Men of Smithfield, #4)

In and Out - L.B. Gregg Holden Worthington - Holden -born with a silver spoon, all the advantages in the world, white bread, Connecticut WASP - Worthington - I really didn't want to like him. But wait...the man has agoraphobia so intense, he passes out in a panic attack two steps outside. And...wait...he likes Tom Waits...and he's been through so much...and he's not a bad guy.

*sigh* darn it, L.B., but you made me like the rich Yankee WASP.

A bit of a mystery, a bit of suspense, a lot of fun sexual tension, and, of course, our two rather quirky and damaged protagonists make this a wonderful read. I had some issues with the scene where the perpetrator finally reveals himself in rather spectacular and somewhat unbelievable fashion, but otherwise I was fully engaged and even read through my last migraine.

Well-written dialogue and a lot of amusingly sardonic insights from our narrator put the icing on the cake. Well done, L.B.