Fair Game

Fair Game - Josh Lanyon Ah, mysteries...I stopped reading them some years ago when the story lines began to run together. Probably not the fault of the authors, just simple over-saturation on my part. Here comes the however part (you knew that) - However, this mystery felt wonderfully fresh and new, with well-drawn characters and excellent pacing.

For any exclusive M/M readers - there are no girlie bits in this one. Just want to make that clear at the outset.

Mr. Lanyon's writing style, both literate and comfortable, sweeps the reader along effortlessly. The mystery is a good one, with plenty of red herrings dropped along the path to keep us on our toes. The characters are both engaging - though it takes a bit longer to warm up to Tucker, a dramatic necessity, I thought - and though this is not structured as a typical romance would be (hooray for different!) the conflict between them was believable, palpable, and often fun to watch. Loved the subtext in all the phone calls between Elliot and Tucker, all the things half said and not said, just the way people in real life cling to their mis-perceptions and insistence on being the wronged party.

Elliott's internal struggles tug at the heart, and though he has his moments of self-indulgent pity, the reader truly wants him to be happy. A little self pity is understandable after all he's lost.

The setting, in Seattle and the islands nearby, was marvelous as well. That's where my father grew up - always has a place nestled next to my heart.

This one's a keeper, folks, a good mix of internal strife and external peril, with solid dialogue and a tense dramatic climax.