The Lion and the Crow

The Lion and the Crow - Eli Easton Well done period piece set in a time often neglected (or badly painted) by M/M authors. Eli did a wonderful job, though, making certain everything fit the period and making certain we understood exactly where we were in history, which I very much appreciate.

The MC's were well drawn as well - two young men who slowly come to terms with each other and the feelings they've had to keep secret all their lives. While homosexuality was not accepted in medieval times, it was still a part of life. Edward II, who is king during this story, had two male lovers (which, unfortunately, gained him the enmity of his powerful queen and contributed to his eventual deposition.) Royalty aside, medieval communities were much more likely to turn a blind eye to same sex pairings than later periods, even if church and state did not condone it.

Still - for noble sons like William and Christian, the problem of marriage and the expected behavior of a lord's son would have made public acknowledgment of such a match impossible.

Because of all of this, the eventual solution is perfect - suitable, acceptable to the sensibilities of the time and wonderful for our heroes. :) It's a story full of self-discovery, of personal peril and heart-wrenching moments. Loved it, Eli, thank you!