Lotus in the Wild

Lotus in the Wild - Fae Sutherland, Marguerite Labbe As some of us often point out, a five star rating system isn't always adequate. I want more shading in my reviews, more gradation for works like this.

Gut reaction first. Or heart reaction. My heart adores this book. It plucked all the right chords and accomplished all the right things a romance should. I wanted more for Wulfgar, I wanted someone to come along just for him. And here we are. I love both protagonists, our enormous, gruff thane and feisty little Kintaro (yes, yes, he's a little over the top in some scenes, but he's genuinely caring, intelligent and people-smart - gotta love he little drama queen :) )

Intellect reaction says this is well done as a historical and the premise and plot are engaging, the writing well done, the sex scenes sizzling. The whole 'kidnapping' felt a little forced at times, though, with a feeling of 'haven't we done this before?' as far as the 'don't know what you have until you've lost it' lesson. I understand the why of it and I applaud the result. Just wish there had been a more believable way to go about it.

Nits aside, I greatly enjoyed the story and send my gratitude to Fae and Marguerite for satisfying my Wulgar craving. (yum.)