Soul Mate

Soul Mate - Catherine Bybee Most werewolf stories focus on the 'infection' - the events leading up to and following the change, the how and why and the nechanics of it. In Soul Mate, while the were aspect is vital to the story and Kari is perhaps the most lupine character I have ever met, the nitty-gritty of lycanthropy does not overshadow plot and character development.

Ms. Bybee does a wonderful job with the slow reveal, allowing the reader to discover the characters in a natural progression rather than having them dumped in the reader's lap, no mean feat for a short piece. Through dialogue and interaction, we become privy to Kari's necessary wariness, her suspicion, her purposeful walls, while Nick, who appears a touch arrogant and invasive at first, reaveals his courage, hsi persistence and a steadfastness worthy of a tin soldier.

A fast-paced, smoothly progressing read, this is not your typical werewofl story. Laced with humor and moemnts of heated sensuality, it's well worth the time to devour.