At Piper's Point

At Piper's Point - Ethan Day I need to start off by saying this is truly a fun read. From the publisher's blurb, I was expecting something else entirely - it sounded like the MC jumps from one bed to the next and that this would just be a sexual romp.

It has some lighthearted and funny moments, but this turned out to have much more emotional depth than I was expecting. Our hero, Cassidy, has had his share of lovers and isn't adverse to a bout of pure lust-driven carnality for the short term, but his inability to go in for the long haul is catching up to him by the time the story opens. He needs to confront some hard questions about himself, his place in the world, and how he relates to people. His old/new flame, Nate, isn't much better, unable to communicate, shutting his pain away.

The locale itself becomes a character, as well as Cassidy's deceased grandmother (no it's not a ghost story, but her presence is a driving force throughout.) Add in a sprinkling of quirky friends and ex-lovers, and you have quite an entertaining melange.

The only points where I cringed sometimes during the story were some of Cassidy's choices of language. He's supposed to be a brilliant PhD candidate, literate, literary minded. Sometimes when he spoke, I heard frat boy instead.

An interesting tale of love despite all the obstacles and of redemption having no expiration date.